Classic Venetian Wooden Limousine “ISABEL”

classic Venetian limo-boat "isabel"

It is a classic boat built at the end of XXI century by a famous boatyard in Venice.

It is 9 meters length and endowed with a spacious cabin with luxury materials and wood, in typical Venetian style. The boat is suitable for 11 people maximum.

On the front 2 seats to be in touch and speak directly with our Captain, inside a spacious heated cabin (that can be completely open to be at open-air during the cruise), on the poop, a fantastic open-air area endowed with a comfortable double seat banch for  appreciating the lake away from prying eyes.

On-board refrigerator with water always available, a cable radio system, WIFI and USB chargers at your seat make the navigation experience unique and comfortable.


In 2024 you will find a boat completely refitted with a brand new mahogany cover and a much more comfortable open-cabin. 

The boat is suitable for 11 people maximum

we suggest to be 10 people on board.
The boat is perfect also during the coldest days of the season thanks to the heating system that keeps a warm temperature inside the cabin.

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A Spacious luxury limousine in Venetian Style

(till11 people on board)

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Heating cabin with Bluetooth music system and USB charger at your seat
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Fantastic Open-Air area on the poop of the boat